True Close Coupled DP Valves

True Close Coupled DP Valves

Differential Flow Metering has been around for over 100 years ! Over that time installations have been fraught with problems including:

  • Impulse lines being damaged.
  • Plugging, Blockage or Freezing of Impulse Lines.
  • Vibration.
  • Connection Failure usually Orifice Nipples.
  • Constant Maintenance to limit Fugitive Emissions and maintain integrity.
  • Enequal Impulse Line lengths leading to errors with readings.

Colson X-Cel have the perfect fully patented solution to all these problems with the new True Close Coupled DPX-Cel Differential Flow and PX-Cel Static measurement systems.

Our Innovative system will alleviate all of the problems associated with typical installations of Differential Pressure systems. The DPX-Cel true close coupled product has a history of being reliable, maintenance free and providing accurate information. The benefits are:


  • Designed in accordance with EEMUA 182 and Shell specification 77/170 (formerly 77/162 & 77/165).
  • Lower cost of installation and only one Purchase Order required for the full system.
  • Only 6 potential leak paths compared to 35 on conventioanl systems.
  • No induced bending moments about the traditional pressure tappings.
  • No need to use any support brakets.
  • Can be weather protected.
  • Easy installation in either Brownfield or Greenfield sites.
  • Closer coupling of pressure gauages and transmitters,