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Update of Assembly and Testing Work areas.

25 July 2016

Update of Assembly and Testing Work areas.

To continue our recent investments we are currently close to completion of the Assembley, Packing and Test areas with improved lighting, work benches and floor area.

The whole workshop is being re-wired, having new compressed air drops, Walls re-painted and as you can see below a levelled floor complete with high quality floor paint. Walkways will be completed once all the new benches are in place.

Once complete at the end of July then all our valves will be assembled and tested within an even cleaner and more work friendly environment than before.

Colson X-Cel not only strive to supply our  valves delivered on time and of the highest quality but to now allow our staff to do so in a more comfortable and even cleaner work area than ever before which will only help improve our performance even further.

95% average OTD is our current performance levels lets see if better conditions and systems can beat that in 2016 and beyond.