'BW' Series
'BW' Series

A truly versatile range of valves that can be supplied with socket, butt weld, threaded and flanged ends. It provides for easy access into the pipeline and facilitates speedy maintenance if required. Sizes 1/4 Inch to 2 1/2 Inch.



We reserve the right to change specifications stated in this leaflet due to our continuing program of development.

40-1 1/2 Inch
50 - 2 Inch
32 75 165 70 23 3.3

For FULL BORE Valves, use the dimensions of the next larger size. I.E. 1 1/4 Inch Full Bore use 1 1/2 Inch Dimensions. Dimensions are the same for all pressure rating.

Valve seats are tested at 10% above rated pressure [ BS EN12266-1]. Using any higher test pressure will damage the seats. Use the valve half open on system tests above seat rated pressures.