True Close Coupled DP Valves
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True Close Coupled DP Valves

Differential Flow Metering has been around for over 100 years ! Over that time installations have been fraught with problems including:

  • Impulse lines being damaged.
  • Plugging, Blockage or Freezing of Impulse Lines.
  • Vibration.
  • Connection Failure usually Orifice Nipples.
  • Constant Maintenance to limit Fugitive Emissions and maintain integrity.
  • Enequal Impulse Line lengths leading to errors with readings.

Colson X-Cel have the perfect fully patented solution to all these problems with the new True Close Coupled DPX-Cel Differential Flow and PX-Cel Static measurement systems.

Our Innovative system will alleviate all of the problems associated with typical installations of Differential Pressure systems. The DPX-Cel true close coupled product has a history of being reliable, maintenance free and providing accurate information.


Closed Coupled Pressure Instrument Iolutions
Closed Coupled Pressure Instrument Iolutions

Do you have problems shown below associated  with the standard method for DP pressure measurement ?

  • Damaged Impulse Lines
  • Plugged, Blocked or Frozen Impulse lines.
  • Connection failures (Orifice Nipples)
  • Constant maintenance to limit Fugitive emmissions / Maintain Integrity.
  • Unequal Impulse line lengths leading to innacurate measurements.
  • Not complying to NACE due to bending of 316 tubing.
  • Vibration.

If so we have the perfect solution with our Truer Close Coupled DPX-Cel valve instrument measuring system.

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