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New DPX Order (June 2017)

29 June 2017

New DPX Order (June 2017)

Colson X-Cel have been awarded another order of 22 of our DPX Series Flow Measurement systems for another BP Global project.


Differential Flow metering has been around for over 100 years, and over that time installations have been fraught with problems including: 

  • Impulse line damage

  • Plugging, freezing or blocking of impulse lines

  • Vibration

  • Connection faliure of orifice nipples

  • Constant maintenance to limit fugitive emissions and maintain integrity

  • Errors in readings due to unequal impulse lines


Over the years, two main design concepts have been developed for the installation of instrumentation on to a process line, remote and direct. The DPX direct system utilises two inline DBB PX series manifolds assembled with an orifice plate and close coupled with a three-valve direct manifold and transmitter for process flow measurement.

We have also taken this a stage further by incorporating a fiscal bridge assembly and close coupled DP transmitters to achieve a compact design solution to dynamic mass flow measurement.

The PX series was developed in response to calls from piping and instrumentation engineers to remove the problems with traditional dead leg type installations by incorporating the DBB and Thermowell in one compact system and fitting in-line.


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