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Petronas D28 - CX Valves delivered in 4 weeks - On Time

03 October 2018

Petronas D28 - CX Valves delivered in 4 weeks - On Time

Our client urgently required 7 valves in 4 different styles and 2 different bore sizes for the Petronas D28 Phase 1 Project.

Having had delivery problems with the main bulks manufacturer of this package to the project they asked Colson X-Cel to guarantee delivery and back themselves by accepting LD's which we duly obliged and did so.

Given 4 weeks the valves which are from our Shell Global Solutions approved TAT certified design were manufactured in-house as usual and processed by the team so they are now airborne and with the client a few days early.

The CX design is certified by Shell Global Solutions following extensive testing in accordance with SPE 77/300 and allows us to supply to Shell and their associated partners valves up to and including 2" bore class 2500 and 3" bore class 600. Service Temperatures covered are -50 Deg C to + 150 Deg C.

This design is also suitable for use in ISO 15848-1 Fugitive Emission areas as it incorporates lipseals in all joints and negates the use of often unrelaible O-Rings. 

For any more information on our CX product range please see the relevent section of our website or contact our Sales team - 01422 377999