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6" Class 600 Full Bore DBB valve - Delivered early

17 October 2019


Colson X-Cel Ltd have today shipped a Large Bore DBB valve to a key client in Aberdeen, one day earlier than agreed.

In summary the order was for a 6" Full Bore class 600 raised face DBB with 1/2" NPT vent facility.

The Low Temperature Carbon Steel Double Block ball with Needle Bleed/vent was fully manufactured in-house using our large capacity CNC turning and milling machine, built by our highly trained engineers and tested with a first-time pass using Hydrostatic and gas as required by  API 598.

It was delivered 1 day earlier than agreed with the client which reinforces the capabilities we offer for delivery of high-quality valves, in short lead times, on-time and at the right price.

Please contact our sales team using for any requirements you may have.