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Skilled Machine Operator Capacity for a wide range of products

Our Services

At Colson X-Cel Ltd, we have our own machinery to facilitate the design and manufacture of all major components. Whilst being experts in all materials, we are especially experienced in manufacturing a full range parts in High Nickel Alloys. As the valves have been completely designed by ourselves, we are in the best possible position to produce them.

We have 20 state of the art CNC machines in both turning and milling configurations with all the latest technology in tooling and work holding to manufacture our parts in a highly accurate yet cost effective manner. Our team of manufacturing engineers work closely with design to ensure that we produce our valves to meet all our quality and delivery targets.

After machining, all our component parts pass through a rigorous inspection process including the use of CNC CMM’s and Faro arm technology before being allowed to continue their path into our stores and then to assembly.

Within group we can offer in-house NDE, Painting and PMI negating the need to use sub-contract suppliers, many of whom are already short of capacity. We have full control of almost every process involved in manufacturing our valves.

Our assembly department and staff can handle large and small production batches and all our valves are well documented through all processes including testing, NDE and material origins.