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Colson X-Cel Ltd manufacture, stock and supply a wide range of valves and valve accessories.

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Modular Double Block & Bleed (DBB) Valves

Colson X-Cel can supply a range of primary isolation double block and bleed valves (DBB) meeting the requirements of both instrument and piping engineer’s needs.

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Sample & Chemical Injection Valves

These valves offer significant savings in both weight and space as well as reducing installation time and cost. Suitable for isolation of lines, Sampling or chemical injection service the valves can be supplied using ball, Outside Screw and Yoke (OSY), bolted or threaded bonnet needle valves.

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Slimline Monoflanges

Colson X-Cel range of primary isolation Slimline Monoflange also meet the requirements of both instrument and piping engineer’s needs.

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Needle Valves

Colson X-Cel hand valves are suitable for all instrument isolation applications, giving repeatable bubble tight shut off.

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Gauge Valves

Colson X-Cel Gauge valves include multiport or block and bleed style for pressure gauge isolation, calibration and venting.

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Gauge Manifolds

Colson X-Cel Gauge manifold valves are suitable for a range of static pressure instruments from gauges to smart pressure transmitters.

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Manifold Valves

Colson X-Cel manifold valves are suitable for use with virtually all available D/P instruments.

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Ball Valves

All Colson X-Cel Ltd ball valves are designed and manufactured in the UK and available in both instrument and piping clas designs. Our valves are available for use as single isolation with threaded, welded, hubbed, compression, flanged or other connections.

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Valve Accessories

Available supplied individually or fitted to a valve the range of accessories give the customer flexibility with their instrument valve and manifold requirements.

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